Cypress Film Labs is...

T. Elias Eversole   Ryan Gardner Smith
...located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and offers services throughout New Mexico. They have produced media for private businesses, government organizations, and non-profit groups. They offer professional work in the areas of video, audio, print, and more for less.
Contact by e-mail: contact@cypressfilmlabs.com.

Or for more contact information, see the contact page.

products and services
DVD Mastering
creating a DVD for your video
Flat Work
brochures, posters, print ads, etc.
CD or DVD cases, product packages, and more
3-D and 2-D animation, animated logos, composite animation
Logo Design
logo creation or manipulation for your company's brand
editing, color-correction, image or audio manipulation, titles, etc.
Digital Transfer
photographs, phonographs, home movies, and more to CD or DVD
Still Photography
archives, events, modeling, and portraiture
Motion Photography
cinematography, events, stock footage, and 2nd unit